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Mixed Ability Model


The Mixed Ability model encourages social inclusion by mixing “able-bodied” volunteers, coaches or tutors who act as facilitators or helpers to guide players on the pitch. The model differs from the Paralympic structure, as it starts from the assumption that anyone, at some point in life, can experience a form of disability.

Mixed Ability Sport is not about classifying levels of ability and separating disabled players into different tiers. We believe this focuses on what people cannot do, the emphasis in Mixed Ability sport is the inclusion of all players! Facilitation, support and involvement are encouraged by all, on and off the field.

I have cerebral palsy and people weren’t keen when I started to play rugby, now I can run, feel stronger and more independent

- Paul Whyatt

Meet our Team

Mark GoodwinIndependent Specialist Tutor and IMAS Director

Mark Goodwin

Independent Specialist Tutor and IMAS Director

Mark has managed the Bumble Bees Barbarians since their inception in 2009. Creatively working and seeking guidance from mentors in Wales and local RFU Development Officers, he has combined the WEA ‘Inclusion in Rugby’ educational project with the England Rugby Disability roll-out, and now working alongside the RFU leads the delivery of Mixed Ability training for clubs throughout the country.

Martino CorazzaIMAS Founder and Director

Martino Corazza

IMAS Founder and Director

Passionate about rugby and lifelong education. Rugby player in Italy and England, he is a qualified coach both in the UK and in his homeland. Vice-president of Chivasso Rugby Onlus, of which he coached the junior team and oversaw school activities. Project-manager for the 2015 Mixed Ability World Tournament, Martino also works as a tutor for adults with Learning Disabilities, and is involved in several other European projects  both for IMAS and the Workers’ Educational Association.

Enrico ColzaniEducator and Co-ordinator IMAS Italy

Enrico Colzani

Educator and Co-ordinator IMAS Italy

Specialist educator with over ten years of experience, expert in conflict management and youth trainer. President of Chivasso Rugby Onlus, he is also a qualified FIR coach. Enrico oversees all networking activities, training and the development of IMAS and the mixed ability model in Italy.

Wayne MarshallBusiness Manager and Non Executive Director

Wayne Marshall

Business Manager and Non Executive Director

Wayne brings extensive business experience and expertise to IMAS, making a significant contribution to the development of the company.

It’s brilliant! I’m proud of being the Bumbles  first player with a disability to achieve a Level 1 coaching qualification!

- Leon Taylor, Player Coach, Bumble Bees RUFC