IMAS are seeking to continually develop, evaluate and validate the Mixed Ability Model.

A key part of this is the ongoing research being carried out by researchers at the University of Leeds, Loughborough University and the University of Salamanca, as well as through IMAS’ internal monitoring and evaluation. The research means that participant voices are heard and views and opinions of everyone involved are fed back into the development of the Model.

Being a Mixed Ability Rugby Player has improved my life and made me a better person


Impacts of Mixed Ability Rugby

The Impacts of Mixed Ability (MA) rugby are being evaluated through ongoing research in both the UK and Italy. Data show that MA Rugby has benefits for all participants regardless of (dis)ability, as well as for clubs and the wider community. These benefits include improved physical and social wellbeing, perception shifts around disability and more inclusive communities. For more details see the outputs below

IMAS Research Summary 1 The impacts of MA rugby MA rugby and inclusion Erasmus+ MIXAR Magazine n. 1 Erasmus+ MIXAR Magazine n. 2 Erasmus+ MIXAR Magazine n. 3 Erasmus+ MIXAR Magazine n. 4 MA Rugby Transferability Toolkit MA Rugby Start Up Guide Mixed Ability Rugby Case Studies
Mixed Ability Sports Development Programme

The Sport England funded Mixed Ability Sports Development Programme is being evaluated by researchers from the University of Leeds and Loughborough University. This research is analysing motivations, perceptions and attitudes around (dis)ability and MA Sport, exploring the impacts of the Programme and understanding the challenges faced across the different sports through case studies of participants and clubs. As part of this research, we have produced a number of outputs available here

MASDP Workshop Report 1 MASDP Workshop Report 2 MA rowing in practice: IMAS Research Summary 2 MASDP Final Evaluation Report MA Multisport Guide

Try for Change Programme

IMAS and the University of Leeds are tracking clubs involved in the England Rugby and Comic Relief funded Try for Change programme to monitor participation as well as evaluate shifts in perception around disability and inclusion.

For more details about the Mixed Ability research please email Dr. Jen Dyer