Mixed Ability Manifesto

IMAS' Vision for Mixed Ability Sports

International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS) is a not for profit organisation who have developed and are championing the Mixed Ability Model. The Mixed Ability Model promotes social inclusion through education and by encouraging players of all abilities to be equal members of mainstream sports clubs.

The Model represents an innovative and radical approach to broader social inclusion. Our sports and educational activities aim to create a fully inclusive and safe environment for everyone regardless their age, gender, background or ability. We want to engender a sustainable and long-lasting change offering new opportunities to participants who have faced a wide range of barriers to participating in sport.

In breaking down these barriers, Mixed Ability creates real inclusion and equality. Mixed Ability Sports are leading the way, let society follow… Inclusion means you too!

Although IMAS initially worked primarily with adults who have learning disabilities, it has become clear through the expanding membership that the Mixed Ability Model provides a 'safe' environment for people from diverse backgrounds and abilities who have faced a wide range of barriers to participating in sport.

Participants report many benefits from their involvement in Mixed Ability. These include improved fitness, physical and mental wellbeing, increased self-confidence, skills, social networks, pride and perception shift around what they can do.

To enable people of all abilities to be equal members in clubs and communities using the power of sport and education.


Mixed Ability is About:

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