For Businesses

Would your organisation benefit from exploring innovative ways to improve communication, diversity, equality and trust?

If so, we would love to discuss our interactive, stimulating and thought-provoking training with you.

We are offering new and exciting opportunities for organisations outside of sport to benefit from the learning and experience of our participants, through training packages focused on team working, communication and diffused leadership, celebrating diversity and fostering equality.

Each training session is built around your requirements and co-produced by our team of trainers who are “experts by experience” having faced and overcome barriers to full inclusion in society. All our training and development days involve interactive activities, cooperative games and practical sessions which will stimulate and invigorate your team into different ways of engaging with each other and with different sectors of your community.

We are proud to have worked with many different organisations and their feedback on these sessions is always captured and used to improve our offer.


This has been the most fun and memorable training session I have done


So useful in terms of personal development around issues such as trust, hope, commitments and connections

Global Covenant of Mayors

Our medical students loved this and learnt so much about personal challenges for people and the immense value of shared experience

Curriculum Lead
University of Sheffield

Anything that helps people learn physically as well as intellectually is so valuable; it worked beautifully

Leadership Team
Lloyds Bank Group

I am very impressed by your expertise in team dynamics and problem solving. This will help us in our project activities and professional development

Global Head

Our preconceptions about inclusion were challenged. The power of truly including everyone was deeply felt

Senior Manager

Not only is the day an enjoyable and inclusive experience that gets you out networking with the community, it also goes a long way to challenging your perceptions for the better.

People Team
Sky Betting & Gaming