Pandemic Positivity

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Blog, Press Release

Our latest video series has launched with the focus on #PandemicPositivity

IMAS is helping to break down barriers and inspire positivity during the pandemic

Our IMAS trainers have all experienced barriers to participation even before Covid-19. During the pandemic they worked hard to find new ways to socialise, stay connected and keep active.

We want to share this ingenuity and positivity with others, so everyone can see the importance of community and sense of belonging, especially in these difficult times. There are so many negative impacts being shared that we thought it was time to spotlight positive lockdown stories!

Three of our trainers: Tom, Rupert & Katrina, highlight the ways they have found to keep themselves physically active; the positive impact that being part of our community has had on their mental health and ability to cope with the concerns they have during the current health crisis.

These videos were released weekly as part of our Pandemic Positivity series, starting in mid November with Tom and finishing with Katrina.

“It’s not the physical side…it’s the mental side I found hard”

Click for Tom’s story

In the current times, it’s important that sport keeps playing its positive role. Too often, sport equates with performance, or is seen as the prerogative of elite athletes or established majorities.  We see things differently. Mixed Ability Sport is breaking down physical, mental and societal barriers, creating opportunities and a voice for marginalised communities to challenge the established status quo.

“I just needed to get out…it relaxes your mind”

Click for Rupert’s story

At IMAS, we believe ‘physical distancing’ shouldn’t turn into ‘social isolation’. Something these times are teaching us, is that this is the time when we need one another the most. We all must stay connected, share ideas, fight the fear of the unknown, whether this is inside or outside ourselves.

“Being outside makes me feel excellent”

Click for Katrina’s story

The videos have been created thanks to the Social Enterprise Support Fund, granted from the National Lottery Community Fund and managed by the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

Click here for the full report: Pandemic Positivity.

All were filmed in Yorkshire by Tell Studio from Leeds. 

Kelly Heathcote

Kelly Heathcote


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