Mixed Ability basketball fast growing in Spain!

by | Mar 20, 2024 | News

Saski Baskonia, one of the most prominent basketball clubs in Europe, remains firm in its commitment to social inclusion through basketball. Baskoia has been developing the Mixed Ability model for four seasons, with the creation of two men’s teams and one women’s team, fostering a broad impact in the community at local, national, and European level. Approximately 80 people with and without disabilities are part of Baskonia Mixed Ability, embodying an innovative project in basketball and beyond.

The tireless work of Dorleta de la Presa and the entire Board of Saski Baskonia and the 5+11 Foundation, have made of Vitoria-Gasteiz a centre of excellence for Mixed Ability, a place where the impact and benefits of the model are appreciated through a visible improvement in the quality of life of everyone involved. And this is true not just for the players, but for coaches, family members and even those who follow and support the teams in every game.

“What we experienced last weekend was unforgettable for everyone. Until now we had never played against teams with similar characteristics to ours, they had always been teams without any type of disability, or teams made up entirely of people with disabilities, and I think that we can only take positive points. These types of meetings give us even more strength to continue growing and believing as a team”, says Dorleta de la Presa from Saski Baskonia and the 5+11 Foundation.

The magic of this 100% inclusive environment is felt at every training session. Every moment lived with the team is based on good practice, supported by Baskonia’s social integrator Nuria Zapatero who says: “The fantastic thing about basketball and Mixed Ability is that all people with different life situations help each other and provide one another with mutually beneficial opportunities. We have achieved a two-way social project. We share the same love for basketball and for Baskonia, we are committed to participating as equal, respected, and valued members, giving one another the opportunity to be athletes in equal conditions and rights. My goal is for the world to see it and understand that this is possible, not only in basketball, but in every aspect of life, such as work, socialising, etc… With the right support, anything is possible. I feel happy and grateful”.

Baskonia Mixed Ability has played a leading role in breaking down many barriers imposed by society by giving people with and without disabilities the opportunity to play basketball in an established and charismatic club like Baskonia. Baskonia Mixed Ability usually plays matches against ordinary and competitive teams.

On  Saturday 9th of March, Baskonia Mixed Ability received the Sagrado Corazón de Cáceres, that also travelled with a women’s and a men’s Mixed Ability team.

Both games were basketball in its purest form. True to the spirit of Mixed Ability, everyone enjoyed the game and consolidated that Mixed Ability is the true path towards creating a more just, equitable and fairer society.

Sagrado Corazón won the women’s match while Baskonia won the men’s match.

The magazine GIGANTES, the bible of basketball in southern Europe, echoed the visit of the Cáceres club to Baskonia.

Sagrado Corazón also had the experience of attending as spectators the Euroleague match between Baskonia and Alba Berlin.

IMAS is proud to continue our collaboration with Baskonia and, IMART 2025 fast approaching, we are delighted to announce that basketball will be one of the Mixed Ability sports featured in Pamplona. There are several delegations from different countries that want to travel to participate in the basketball activities, creating an opportunity to transfer the knowledge that Saski Baskonia has built over the past few years. We can’t wait!




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