A decade of changing the World through Mixed Ability.

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On the 10th anniversary of the founding of International Mixed Ability Sports, guests travelled from across the UK to enjoy an evening with likeminded Mixed Ability supporters in the Victorian model village and World Heritage Site of Saltaire.

Many stayed on for the Bank Holiday weekend to take advantage of the wonderful local attractions. The party invitation promised good food, conversation, music and laughter and this was on show in abundance throughout the evening.

Former IMAS employee and real-life comedian Kelly Heathcote kicked off the evening entertainment by playing the Mixed Ability Rap video. Written by local artist Wilko Wilkes the song beautifully epitomizes the values and the purpose of Mixed Ability to change society through inclusive sport and activities. Participants had an absolute ball making the video with Wilko in Saltaire.

Kelly went on to deliver a tongue in cheek tribute to Mark and Martino in the form of a photographic slideshow, guests are unlikely to forget the hilarious and photoshopped (it’s to be hoped!) image of the two IMAS Founders first meeting…

All the revellers share a passion for Mixed Ability and were encouraged to unravel the stories of fellow guests after receiving individual mission cards. A statement on the back of each card urged them to identify an IMAS trainer from a clue pointing to a unique achievement. These included delivering presentations to British Aristocracy and being awarded a British Empire Medal.

IMAS Trainers Sam and Daniel later shared their thoughts, commenting, “in a World where so much is online it was great to meet everyone in person” and “it was a great event meeting all those people, I wasn’t too overwhelmed, and I loved Saltaire.”

Martino and Mark paid tribute to those attending and thanked them for their historic and ongoing support. Final thoughts though come from Rachel IMAS Trainer and Squash player who said, “On that night I saw for the first time how much rugby players really can drink!”




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