IMAS and Rock Solid Productions to sign a new partnership!

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IMAS is delighted to announce a brand-new partnership with Canada-based organisation Rock Solid Productions Inc!

Rock Solid Productions is the Official Development Partner of the World Curling Federation, and since its inception strives to increase global awareness of curling via a series of innovative, accessible, and fully inclusive iceless products and programmes, such as Street Curling, FloorCurl and the Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings presented by Curling Canada program.

All of Rock Solid’s programmes and products are designed to be inclusive, allowing people of all abilities to enjoy the sport of curling, being a true example of Mixed Ability sport ‘by design’. In FloorCurl, for instance, participants of all ages and abilities can play curling anywhere, whether they’re lifelong fans or have just discovered the sport for the first time. The versatility of the iceless equipment means that this can be rolled out in a variety of community settings, such as schools, community or leisure centres, care homes and sports clubs, driving recruitment and participation across diverse groups of people.

Since attending the Mixed Ability Week and IMART 2022 in Cork (Ireland), Rock Solid and IMAS have agreed to intensify contacts to explore the best way to share learning, knowledge, and resources, as well as generate joint impact, supporting the growth of curling worldwide whilst promoting the Mixed Ability model.

Chad McMullan, President of Rock Solid Productions said: ‘We are incredibly excited to bring Floor Curling to the Mixed Ability Sport community through this partnership. Our team has worked hard to build floor curling as an all-inclusive sport and our previous work with IMAS has proven highly successful. This next step will allow the sport of floor curling to grow worldwide within the Mixed Ability community and we look forward to all the great things to come.”

Martino Corazza, IMAS co-founder and Director added: ‘We have always been excited by the fully inclusive approach represented by Floor Curling and believe that with this partnership we can maximise each other’s strengths and geographical presence, influencing the scope and reach of Mixed Ability opportunities for participants of all abilities and experiences internationally. We are committed to working      together, introducing Floor Curling where Mixed Ability is well embedded, and using the Floor Curl network to make some inroads in countries and contexts where we know Mixed Ability is still a new concept.”

One of the first concerted actions will be the inclusion of Floor Curling in the Mixed Ability Games 25, due to take place in Pamplona, Spain, in June 2025. Floor Curling will be one of the sports available to IMART participants and citizens alongside basketball, rowing, kinball, and many more. At the same time, the two organisations will work to contribute practical and research-based evidence to coaches, clubs and sports national and international Governing Bodies, generating a stronger alignment between countries, to ultimately enhance the quality and access to sport and inclusion programmes for people of all abilities.




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