Challenging health inequalities through the Mixed Ability Model

by | Apr 22, 2021 | News

The recent Marmot report 10 years on, highlighted how health inequalities related to disabilities are
still stark.
This has been even more apparent during the Covid pandemic, which it is now clear has disproportionately affected disabled people and exacerbated existing barriers to accessing the health and care system. In a 2020 Lecture on Disability Rights and the Pandemic, Baroness Jane Campbell said disabled people have been made “passive victims” of Covid, and a recent Public Health England report highlights that deaths amongst people with Learning Disabilities were likely to be 3.6 times higher than those of the general population.

Challenging these inequalities, advocating to improve health outcomes and breaking down barriers to improve health are absolutely integral to the Mixed Ability model. In providing safe and welcoming spaces for physical activity and social connection, Mixed Ability sport empowers those involved to improve their own physical and mental wellbeing. In addition, the IMAS Team are contributing to building a health and care system that works for everyone. One way they are doing this is by providing experiential learning opportunities for a wide range of current and future healthcare practitioners.

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