“Inspired” Mixed Ability Football Festival (MAFF 2017)

by | May 17, 2017 | Events, Mixed Ability Sports

Inspired by the IMAS 2015 Mixed Ability Rugby World Tournament Mencap and Golden Lane Housing in South Yorkshire have announced they will host the 2nd Football festival in June 2017 with 14 teams already committed to compete.

MAFF utilises the ‘Spirit of’ rules which encourages the involvement of disabled players by awarding points to teams who facilitate the inclusion of everyone. Each team of six will have at least 50% disabled players.

The winning team will be awarded the Spotlight trophy which they can keep for one year.

A second ‘Spirit of Football’ trophy will be awarded to the team which plays in the best spirit of mixed ability.

Organisers at the South Yorkshire branch have advertised for additional players to get involved with the tournament and the teams by answering an advert for volunteers passionate about football.


The cost of entry is £30 team.  Guides to the tournament and application forms, or to reserve your team’s place at the event please contact Nicola Clegg at nicola.clegg@mencap.org.uk, or on telephone number 01226 282134:




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