IMART 2022 legacy book unveiled!

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Blog

IMAS and Mixed Ability Sports Ireland are incredibly excited to unveil the official Mixed Ability Week and International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament 2022 photobook as part of the event legacy programme.

Following the incredible success of a week of fully inclusive sports and educational activities that saw the participation of more than 1,100 players and the attendance of 25,000 spectators, the organisers – with the support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ Sport – have compiled a collection of pictures to showcase the ‘magic’ of Cork 2022!

Martino Corazza, IMAS Director said: “The Mixed Ability Week and IMART in Cork have exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations! The event has put Mixed Ability firmly on the global map and will contribute to creating sustainable positive change in people’s attitudes and behaviours towards community sport and diversity!

We’ve always thought that a single picture speaks louder than a thousand words, and the impact is even more powerful when we talk about Mixed Ability! Seeing is believing, and we hope this book will help attract more participants, clubs, and sports to the Mixed Ability model. Our original idea was to create a traveling exhibition with the best photos from MAW and IMART 2022 to tour the participating countries, but Covid somewhat changed our plans…Thanks to this fantastic book and the talent of so many photographers, though, we will be able to reach an even wider audience and the memories of Cork 2022 will live on!”.

Alan Craughwell, Director of Mixed Ability Sports Ireland and IMART event manager said: “We are grateful to be able to celebrate the closure of this fantastic journey in Cork City Hall, where IMART 2020 was launched in November 2018. It is a great opportunity to acknowledge not only the amazing collective achievement and its transformational impact, but also the launch of Mixed Ability Sports Ireland, the organisation that will ensure the legacy of IMART is harnessed and implemented across our country! Finally, it is the best way to thank all the participants, volunteers, sponsors, and supporting organisations that made the event such a resounding success!”.

The electronic version of the booklet is freely available and can be downloaded here. The printed version of the legacy edition can be purchased on the IMAS SHOP.



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