Mixed Ability rugby shows the sport at its purest and it’s going worldwide

by | May 6, 2020 | European Projects, Events, IMART 2020, In the Media, International, Mixed Ability Sports, News, Rugby development, Tournament

Rugby World, the world’s best selling rugby magazine, has dedicated its June issue to inclusion and diversity, celebrating rugby for all!

We are delighted to see that 6 central pages cover the growth of Mixed Ability rugby worldwide, alongside the pivotal role IMAS is playing in promoting social inclusion through rugby, sport, and education, as well as the increasing importance gained by IMAS’ flagship event, the International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament, a true World Cup for Mixed Ability rugby teams!

The Sundays Well Rebels, host of the next IMART in Cork (Ireland), offer a great example of what Mixed Ability brings to the game, and their journey will inspire all those clubs from Canada to Belgium and Ecuador who are moving their first steps.

You can read the full article here, or click on the picture below!




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